James @floweraddict Garcia, king of the Muir Ranch Floral Rumble, Flower Smackdown 2017

2nd year intern James @floweraddict Garcia is bringing it in his battle with fellow interns Delilah and Cat. Who will rule? He lives for conflict and it's roses vs gerbers vs tulips. He's been at this for longer than the other two and knows all the tricks (he lowered his price to $30 and know you want to pick up on Monday or Tueday) This #valentines bouquet features #California-grown white roses and red asters, waxflower from @resendizbrothers plus dusty miller, favas and artichoke greens from @muirranch right here in #pasadena. We teach entrepreneurship at the Ranch and what better way than to do that than incentivize sales as a teaching tool? Plus, you get a tax-deduction for flowers that make someone really, really happy (maybe you)!! This #teacher is really proud of his students. They "learn by doing" and James does beast mode with pruners and rubber bands. You proud too? I bet you are.  They deserve your love and support. Please show it. Thank you. - mud  🌹🦄 

$ 30.00

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